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Welcome to Rainbow Pearl Photography
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We are Paul Barrass and Mimi Tran, husband and wife wedding and portrait photography team based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, East Midlands.
Photography, styling and capturing life’s special moments is our passion.


Mimi on Paul:

Paul has been photographed and photographing for over 30 years. His previous career as a model, dancer and actor gives him as a photographer important skills and passion for reading, evoking and directing emotion, expression, body language and movement from behind the camera. Coming from the old school of film photography, Paul has crafted an understanding of lighting and composition in the studio and the outdoors. Moving into the more modern photography world of digital and Photoshop, Paul, has brilliant creative vision and imagination for creating fine art photography. Paul also photographs in the entertainment and arts world, photographing actor’s headshots, model’s and dancer’s creative portfolio and theatre shows. Paul has photographed for many corporate and designer brands and has also photographed magazine and album cover
Paul and I met back stage at a fashion show and 10 years later we got married. It was the best day of our lives, until the day we had our daughter, Pearl. Life with our little family gets better and better everyday.


Paul on Mimi:

Mimi has a passionate and positive zest for life and living. She has a smile that lights up every darkroom. Mimi’s career in all things fashion has taken her all over the world as a creative for leading fashion brands, seamstressing for pop bands, working on fashion shows, working with fashion designers and top models. Mimi is a focused, driven, talented and accomplished person. Mimi’s skills as a stylist and creative producer means understanding what will look good and what will work for each photoshoot with an eye and attention to detail; creating a photoshoot that combines the client’s personality with the creative vision; outfits, accessories and propping in line with the season or story. Mimi brings the calm, the cool and the fun; nothing fazes her. As well as being a great professional, Mimi, is also a devoted mum to our daughter, Pearl, who makes our world complete.

Why do we photograph? Simply because we love it!

Confucius says ‘choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’.